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Welcome to the official website of Guangdong SCREWE mechanical equipment Co., Ltd

+86 0760-23639163


GUANG DONG COVWE MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD founded in 2007, is a national high-tech enterprise and a member of Zhongshan cement products industry association.GUANG DONG COVWE MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a professional enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of concrete mixing plant (building) and engineering machinery related products. The company has a number of professionals who have been engaged in this field for a long time and are familiar with mixing equipment. Have strong strength in product design, R &amp; D, production and processing, and have rich experience in dust treatment technology and material transportation technology...



Has Many Experienced Professionals

The company has many professionals who have been engaged in this field for a long time and are familiar with mixing equipment, and has rich experience in powder treatment technology and material transportation technology. Its products are widely used in many domestic mixing stations, and have been expanded to asphalt stations, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, etc. The product quality is highly praised by users and has won a good market reputation.

Stable Performance To Ensure The Normal Operation

Guangdong SCREWE machinery takes continuously meeting the needs and expectations of customers as its own responsibility, is committed to creating high-quality products leading the world trend, integrates the core concept of "being honest and quality first" into every corner of the enterprise, gathers first-class talents to form a team with one heart and one mind, and carries out "self surpassing, continuous improvement and technological innovation to create first-class quality products".

Service First, Reputation First

Guangdong SCREWE company follows the enterprise policy of "high technology, high efficiency and high quality", relies on the enterprise spirit of "high-profile work and low-key life", takes "service first and reputation first" as the service purpose, and continuously innovates and upgrades products and services in combination with the advanced concept of Cisco Weiren. Make efforts for the development of the enterprise and the progress of the industry



Founded in 2007, it is a national high-tech enterprise


Strong strength in R &amp; D, production and processing


The factory covers an area of about 20000 square meters


We have a productivity of 30000 machines a year

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